Where to Begin

My Starting Point for Visual Design

By Chip Cullen / @chipcullen

The Visual Design Process

What works for me

What works for you?


  • Not prescriptive
  • Not a “blah blah - first” design argument
  • After discovery

Visual Design is Hard

For me, anyway

So where do I start?

Setting the paragraph.

Why does this make sense for me?

I value well-crafted typography

“The Web is 95% Typography”


A lot of that typography is paragraphs.

Visual Design is about Tone

Discovery should drive decisions

  • Audience demographics
  • Visual context
  • Content needs
  • Multilingual needs

Layout can be content-driven

Line lengths are crucial

Color choices

Starting point, not a final decision

(Shameless plug)

The Font Combinator!


So, how about you?

Where do you start? What works? What doesn’t? Why?

Thank you!